Here are some general troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the Nahla wa Nahil app on your Android phone:

  1. Restart your phone: This is often the simplest and most effective way to fix minor app glitches.
  2. Force stop the app: This will close the app completely and may help to fix any problems. To force stop an app, go to Settings > Apps > Nahla wa Nahil > Force Stop.
  3. Clear the app's cache and data: This will erase any temporary files that the app has created. To clear an app's cache and data, go to Settings > Apps > Nahla wa Nahil > Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  4. Reinstall the app: If the above steps do not work, you may need to reinstall the app. To reinstall, go to Settings > Apps > Nahla wa Nahil > Uninstall, then reinstall it from the Google Play Store.
  5. Check for app updates: Make sure that you have the latest version of the app installed. Check for updates in the Google Play Store under My apps & games.
  6. Check your device's storage: Ensure that your device has enough free space, as low storage can cause app malfunctions.
  7. Check for app permissions: Make sure that the app has the necessary permissions. To check permissions, go to Settings > Apps > Nahla wa Nahil > Permissions.

If you have tried all of these steps and the app is still not working, you may need to contact us at for further assistance.